What I Can't See 3

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Released April 2011
Run time 2h 16m
Directed by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 2 points


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When I made the original WHAT I CAN'T SEE over ten years ago, it created a stir of controversy as the first ever bareback gangbang video, and set new standards for porn. Ever since then I've striven to up that bar, documenting and celebrating genuine sexual degeneracy and outrageousness. WHAT I CAN'T SEE 2 was another landmark, becoming the most-watched sex vid of all time.

Now, at long last, there's WHAT I CAN'T SEE 3. The third in my anonymous fuck series delves into the hearts of the most depraved fuckers I know, exploring the thrill of blindfolded sex and reveling in the range of experiences, from one-on-one to room-filled gangbang, from quietly intense to all-out orgiastic frenzy.

There's the living legend, as supreme topman Jesse O'Toole makes his return to T.I.M. There's the frenetic jizz gang-bang, filmed by Liam Cole, in which cumslut Jack Lewis takes countless loads of sperm up his ass and down his throat. And of course, there's the chronicle of gluttonous load-whore John Sullivan, brother of T.I.M. documentarian Ryan Sullivan – who was in the room for the first of John's scenes here, unbeknownst to the blindfolded fuckpig. And that's just the start.

This is what it's all about, gentlemen.

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  • Anonymous
  • Blindfold/Hooded
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