TIMSuck Volume 6 - Scene 3

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Run time 10m
Directed by Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 1 point

Razor really knows his way around a man's crotch. He chews on Dan's obvious bulge through his trousers before setting free the irresistible schlong. Dan's tattoos are revealed with the loosening of his clothing as he gets into the awesome blowjob he's receiving. Most notable is his Treasure Island Media branding, at convenient eye-level for any man sucking his cock. That tat is right in Razor's face as he slurps and salivates on Dan's fat dick. Razor alternately concentrates on the head and pushes it to the back of his throat to maximize Dan's pleasure as well as his own. He nearly chokes when he attempts to swallow the entire thing, but ultimately the challenge of the task only excites him. Single-mindedly he concentrates on the upward curve and considerable girth of Dan's cock. Finally Dan can't control himself any longer and shoots his creamy load into Razor's mouth, letting Razor savor the musky sweetness at last.

Media Type
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  • 3-way/Threesome
  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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