TIMSuck Volume 6 - Scene 1

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Run time 16m
Directed by Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 1 point

Another great find from the depths of our archives, this one features a young Dan Fisk (before he got his T.I.M. biohazard tattoo) getting full oral worship from cocksucking devotee Dylan. As soon as he sees Dan and his fat 8.5 incher waiting in the store room, Dylan wastes no time getting to his knees. Once he's there, though, he's in no hurry as he shows he knows his way around a cock: he lovingly suckles the engorged head and gradually swallows more and more of the beefy shaft, until he's deepthroating like he was born to do it. This cumpuppy is eager for every drop of the creamy goo, hungry enough to lick gobs off the flo

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  • 3-way/Threesome
  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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Scott Bell
This blowjob quite simply puts all others to shame. I would argue that the star of this clip is not so much Dan's cock as it is Dylan's mouth. Only a couple of times during the lengthy suck session does Dylan use his hands on Dan's cock. The rest is all mouth. Dylan has beautiful, supple, succulent lips that lovingly envelop Dan's cock. His mouth is clearly in the driver's seat. Dylan goes down on Dan's cock over and over, gradually taking in more and more of it until he's down to the root. There's no question that Dan is truly enjoying Dylan's oral prowess. And Dylan is loving and making love to Dan's massive man-meat. It would appear that Dylan could suck cock for hours, were it not for the sweet, steamy reward of man cum that awaits him. However, he's in no hurry to get it, knowing that it's roiling in Dan's balls waiting to spew forth at the appointed time. The camera catches Dylan's blowjob from all angles - great shots of the top, side, and underside of Dan's gorgeous cock. This really allows you to appreciate Dylan's cock-work. If you haven't blown your load by now just watching Dylan's expertise, save it. Soon enough Dan will drench Dylan's mouth and face with his hot cock juice. Dylan savors every drop, over and over, not even allowing what spilled on the floor to go to waste. This vid is unquestionably worth every penny. You'll watch it regularly, I assure you.
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