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Run time 08m
Directed by Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris
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As the second and final part to the Daxx Maxxon suck-a-thon starts, Daxx is drawn once more to Dan Fisk's renowned cock, desperate to wrap his lips around the whole thing and swallow it down. After an interlude with Blake, who releases his load onto Daxx's waiting tongue and then smears it around his face, the starvin' cocksucker is back to Dan, who crosses swords with Jynx to double up on Daxx. As the guys form a circle and start to shoot off, one after another, Daxx gets a face-full (and an eyeful!) of cum. Unquenchable, he keeps going--and so do the other insatiable fuckers, even as our camera ran out of tape.

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  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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