TIM METAL Pop Stand (Premium)

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Never drop your phone again when you get the Treasure Island Media approved etched metal pop stand! Securely attach this handy tool to the back of your phone to assist you with those naked mirror selfies.

The TIM pop stand is a great accessory for the TIM pig on the go who wants to get a better hold on their phone and show off their exquisite cinematic tastes at the same time.

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United States
This is actually a lot better quality than I was expecting. Once it is stuck on it feels very secure. It also works well as a kickstand of rest for your phone if you are watching movies or videos. If you are in the market for something like this I would recommend.
Mormen Bates
Verified purchase
United States
Nice and sturdy pop stand, also great to use as a "kickstand" for watching your favorite TIM scenes. It's made of metal and quite stylish for us pigs ;)
actually pretty nice. rubber part is nice and snappy. metal instead of plastic makes it feel better in my hand. looks good on my iphone x case. says it uses 3M adhesive so im not worried about it.
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