STICK IT - Scene 2 - Call Back Later, I’m Busy Getting Fucked

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Run time 14m
Directed by Max Sohl
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Bareback at the bar. Alpha top DREW SEBASTIAN puts beta bottom JACOB LEE through his paces. He demands the boy worship his cock with his lips and tongue then orders him to drop his pants and bend over the bar. Jacob is quickly pinned up against the wood taking Drew’s huge dick balls deep begging for that load of cum that will make his hole full and sticky. Jacob cleans up the big cock with his mouth and Drew is on his way.


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Jacobs' ass is sort of sexy. Ait loose from al the fucking but hairy and cum covered.. I like the shot after they are done fucking and Sebastians' cock is alongside of Jacobs' ass. Both wet with cum and hairy and yummy.
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