So You Wanna Be A Cumdump 2

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Released August 2019
Run time 2h 02m
Directed by Max Sohl
Produced by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 2 points


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Max’s audition series SO YOU WANNA BE A CUMDUMP is back!!!  

Cumdump bottoms from all over the world have begged us to be the next TIM cumdump and we decided to see what they got.

The rules are the same - these whores agree to get ass up face down and get fucked by ANY dick we bring in.  You wanna talk about “no load refused”?  They don’t know who is coming or how many loads they are getting.  

And lucky them - the fan favorite bottom has been promised his own full out gangbang in an upcoming Max Sohl movie.

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  • 3-way/Threesome
  • Anal
  • Anonymous
  • Bareback
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Charlie Wiley
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United States
now is is hot. for all you guys that have never done it, I can tell you this is the perfect movie if you ever thought about just having men be men and duck like animals and use each other to get off. no names no faces no chit chat. I've walked in on many blindfolded men, ass up lubed and just ready to be used as a cum dump like men should be. if you want to see it before your try it as a button, this is the movie for you.
United States
Great flick. I'm super jealous that some guys get fucked like that. Great flick. I only wish I could get fucked like that more than once in a while and more than I only do 1 on 1's. But Cumdump status is a selective exclusive club.
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