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Run time 08m
Directed by Paul Morris

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RASHAD is a handsome straight man from Turkey. He only fucks women, but he's absolutely fine with getting blown by a guy. Put him together with one of the all-time great cock-worshippers, SKEET, and you have an up-close lesson in true cock-love. The deity here for both men is RASHAD's fat, uncut, juice-oozing musluk.

SKEET gets so riled up having RASHAD in his mouth that he shoots his own load within seconds. After slurping his own manjuice off his fingers, he keeps lovingly sucking until RASHAD feeds him a big thick load of rich Turkish belmeni. RASHAD called me the next day and told me that he wanted to be sucked by SKEET again---"This time, I pay him to suck me. Maybe on regular basis."

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