sexpigs in a man-tramp promised land

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Released September 2019
Run time 2h 31m
Directed by Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl
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A US journal for professional security services cited two things as the greatest threats to security in the US. The first: terrorists. The second: men having sex in public toilets.


This insanity is a symptom of the fear the straight world has concerning men fucking and sucking freely with each other. That’s the battle we face now. If sex is easily given and freely enjoyed—if you can go anywhere to get a great blowjob or find willing men ready to fuck and be fucked—then the widespread pent-up frustration and dissatisfaction with life that keeps the wheels of commerce rolling might be threatened.

Revolution through butt-fucking, in other words. And my friends, I say it’s time for that revolution!  For the first time in human history, there’s no reason why all men shouldn’t be fucking all the goddamn time.

We don’t need babies anymore——there are way-the-fuck too many as it is!

We don’t need for men to work constantly—-automation and computers are making our labor redundant and unnecessary. Fuck yeah!

The great question facing men is this: what do we fuckin’ do with all our free time? I say TAKE YER BLOATED DRIPPIN’ DICK IN HAND AND LET IT LEAD YOU TO A MANSLUT PROMISED LAND!

And—surprise!—-my new video opus will help you find your way. Gentlemen, I give you SEXPIGS IN A MAN-TRAMP PROMISED LAND! Come ’n’ get it!

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There seems to be a problem with this film. Its missing me. Ilove you guys. I just wish I could be in one.
The sexpigs, all of them, are fucking hot!! Daddy Cream for sure lives up to his sexy name. My fave is Nick Forte...he does it all and has the right attitude when he does it. Big dick, hot cocksucker, likes to screw and get plowed. That's my kind of man!!
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