SDSTW - Session 6 - Straight Meat Munch-Down

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Run time 05m
Directed by Paul Morris
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GORDON originally contacted me because he needed cash. I took some pics of him--here's one.

He liked how easy I am to work with, so he comes back once in a while to let a lucky cocksucker swing on that massive schlong. This time he brought his own straight porn to the shoot, a video of himself fucking a blonde chick.

ANDRE has sucked dick for me before (check out his skills in Bone Head). He's motivated by the kind of wild-boy hunger that drives him to any man's cock in any situation. I respect that.

He doubted me when I warned him how big GORDON's cock is--but when he kneels before the thing, it's like a mountain climber staring up in wonder at Everest.

Throughout the session, ANDRE is focused on GORDON's mega-dick while GORDON is focused on watching himself in the video. What gets GORDON to finally cum? He shoots his load at the precise moment he squirts in the video he's watching. The male ego is a wondrous thing.

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