Scene 9 - Keer and Dave

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Run time 12m
Directed by Paul Morris

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KEER is a man who truly knows how to enjoy himself. As DAVE slurps away, KEER reveals his own tattooed chest and give his sensitive nips some quality attention, tugging and twisting. His cock is hard-wired to his nips, and this takes him to a deeper level of pleasure.

DAVE is a take-my-time kind of blowjob artist: he loves and savors every moment he gets to suck, lick, taste and swallow KEER's massive boner. And KEER gets off on a man who knows what he wants: soon enough, his hands are off himself and onto DAVE's head, alternately guiding him and holding on as DAVE sucks and swallows him whole.

DAVE wanted to feel the jizz squirt onto his tongue, and KEER displays perfect aim shooting his load directly into DAVE's open mouth, and then joins in savoring the joy juice with a little man-to-man snowballin'.

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