Scene 7 - Dogg Gets a Bone

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Run time 10m
Directed by Paul Morris

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DAMON DOGG is back to doing what he does best: sucking dick and slurping up loads of hot cum. This time around DAMON gets down on his knees to service JIMMY.

A giant of a man (he's around 6' 6" and built strong), dreadlocked blond newcomer JIMMY describes himself as "primarily straight". But he's more than happy to let an eager bone-hound take a turn sucking on his huge uncut wiener. And DAMON DOGG, the insatiable cock-chomper, was waggin' his little tail at the chance.

JIMMY kicks back and tokes a ciggie while DAMON slurps and sucks. But the cigarette is forgotten as grinning JIMMY gets lost in cock-pleasure. When JIMMY finally shoots his load—enough to make DAMON swear, "Holy shit!"--the DOGG doesn't lose a single drop.

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<pre>That is a nice cock.</pre>
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