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Run time 25m
Directed by Paul Morris
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I knew that BILLY was a world-class cock-hound and cum-junkie, but even I was surprised by his hunger and passion once he was cut loose in a room full of throbbing hard dicks. We put him in the middle of a daylong sperm-saturated gang bang with topmen of every kind - each one of them slipping it to BILLY, and dumping hot thick spunk up his hungry ass or down his wide-open throat.

BILLY's warm-up fuck for the day was well-known mainstream pornstar MATT SIZEMORE. MATT throws BILLY a rough-and-tumble plow, before shooting a big load and massaging it into BILLY's stretched-out hole with his long fat dick.

Then a whole group of men take turns using BILLY's cum-slick ass. They each fuck him, then let another guy take a turn, passing BILLY around until his butt is a beautiful sloppy public-access hole.

This is true gonzo porn, a wild, raw scene where even the cameramen get in on the action. We sent JESSE O'TOOLE along to handle a camera and swing his horse-cock around, and it didn't take him long before he put down the camera and slid his huge, inhumanly fat cock halfway UP to BILLY's heart.




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