POUNDED - Scene 7 - Jason Stormme Fucks Aaron Lamb

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Run time 09m
Directed by Liam Cole

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This was AARON LAMB's first shoot. I'd seen him fucked by other guys countless times while we were together, but putting it on tape for the world to see was definitely moving things up a gear.

Taking loads is what fucking is all about for AARON, and when JASON STORMME gives him the filling he begs for, it pushes him over the edge. With JASON's dick still inside his cum-filled hole, AARON unleashes a hot load over his own lean torso, where JASON licks it up and drools it out into AARON's gaping mouth.

AARON had crossed a line and there was not turning back. His deep-seated hunger for cum was going public, and with the white stuff smeared around his mouth and hole, I realised he had never looked better.


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  • 3-way/Threesome
  • Bukkake
  • Dungeon/Sex Club
  • European
  • Hung
  • Uncut
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<pre>The two sexiest things about this video for me are) 1) I get to see Liam and not just hear his sexy voice. Now I can have my own fantasies. 2) when Jason cums ant spurts all over Aarons' hole just before fucking it in. So much cum the guys were obviously turned on by each other. LOVE it!</pre>
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