Pounded - Scene 2 - Titch Jones Fucks Aaron Lamb

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Directed by Liam Cole

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For his porn debut, über-bottom AARON LAMB submits his hole to all ten inches of TITCH JONES's notoriously oversized schlong. AARON is my ex, and in the three years we dated I got used to the fact that I was sharing his perfect arse with every swinging dick in the cosmos (I wasn't complaining).



This boy is born and built to be bred. He's blessed with a primal, indiscriminate hunger and the kind of firm, fleshy, rounded butt that every load dreams of making its home. For some reason it wasn't until we split that AARON decided he was ready to go on video. Knowing how he's a sucker for size, I paired him with TITCH JONES---a man who can plant his seed so deep in your arse, you'll taste it when you clear your throat.






The result is an intense, focused fuck between two exceptional young men: one endowed with a world-class cock, the other with an arse so superbly fuckable that it remains to this day the love of my life. Enjoy.














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