Plantin' Seed 3 - Scene 9 - Dan Fisk Fucks Blindfold Joe

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Run time 07m
Directed by Paul Morris
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JOE was sent to me by a mutual acquaintance. Straight, broke, angry, he told me in a lengthy interview that he'd be willing to do "just about anything" for the right price. He was all kinds of lost. And when he stripped down naked, he was all kinds of fuckin' hot.

I told him there was one thing I'd like to see, and that was him taking a cock up his ass for the first time. He actually walked out of my office. And then called me back. "If you blindfold me so I don't have to watch. And get me drunk."

I agreed to his conditions and immediately called up DAN FISK. And DAN had the time of his life fucking this "virgin" ass. I told DAN that the guy he was fucking was straight, so DAN really got into telling the guy that he was about to get "Daddy's load" up his ass.

I'm not sure how much of the tension translates to the camera, but it was fuckin' electric while they fucked. DAN got off on force-fucking this angry blindfolded guy. And the guy did, in fact, leave with Daddy's big drippin' load up his tight ivory ass.



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