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Run time 12m
Directed by Mecos
Produced by Paul Morris
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Some things are worth waiting a lifetime for. If you’re a total perv about real incest (like I am), this is one of those worth-waiting-for scenes.

The PEREZ bros are Mexico City famous. They’ve been cheerfully fucking each other since they were kids. Once they hit their teens, they started getting hired by sex parties and sex clubs. They don’t just share each others flesh, blood and spunk, they’re also both total exhibitionists.

While you watch them flip-fuck each other, their muscles gleaming, you’ll have a hell of a time telling them apart. They’re not twins (Jairo is a year younger) but the family resemblance is obvious. They look so alike that at times it’s very difficult to tell which is fucking which.

With TOM PEREZ and his bro JAIRO PEREZ you have two bros who've been fucking for so long, it's hard to describe how intimately well they know each other. They've been doing it since they were children, raised on a dirt farm in rural Mexico.

As is often the case with incest, the sex has a character you will see nowhere else. If it seems casual, or even matter of fact, it's because these boys literally know each other's bodies as well as they know their own -- the same blood and cum run through their veins. As they explore each other's bodies, melding themselves through dick and ass and mouth, it becomes less and less the two of them, and more as if they are becoming one super-muscular pulsing sexual being.

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