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Run time 06m
Directed by Paul Morris
Price in points: 15 points
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DAMON DOGG keeps telling me he's retired. But when he was the cameraman on a recent shoot with WADE STONE and the other guy didn't show, DAMON took one look at WADE's massive ebony schlong and made an exception.

DAMON treats WADE to some of his trademark cocksucking before turning around and offering his ass to the topman, who doesn't need to be asked twice. This is only the second time DAMON has been butt-fucked on camera, and he clearly loves every fucking second of it as much as WADE does.

After WADE shoots his load, THE DOGG turns and drops to his knees for one last taste of that juicy bone, licking it clean.

Life can be cruel, life can be difficult. And there are days when you wonder what the fuck the point can be of all the endless travail. But when men get together and they link their bodies in the ritual we call "fucking," everything is good, everything makes sense, all systems are go again. Manfucking isn't something we do on our off-hours, our spare time. It's the heart of it, the panacea that makes the lives of men work. It's simple yet profound.

The essence of the Manfuck Manifesto isn't about words or diatribes. The heart of it is the act itself: men wholeheartedly grappling with the transcendental mystery and power of man-to-man sex. This video is about embracing and celebrating that mystery and power. Never forget: we know who and what we are through the study of what we do. And the very heart of our identity and our living culture is the Manfuck Manifesto.

- Paul Morris





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