Machofucker Ass Stretcher Vol.1

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Released October 2006
Run time 1h 26m
Directed by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 2 points


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This is definitely a no-frills, Euro-vision of sex and it focuses on one thing and one thing only: BIG, BURSTING MAN-RAMMING COCKS.

Everyone I've shown this to has been blown away by the sheer monumentality of the schlongs on the macho, aggressive topmen in this video. They are HUGE and they're HARD - and they are extremely AGGRESSIVE. The bottoms are holes to be used, nothing more.

This isn't gentle sex: this is about INTENSE MACHO STUDS taking what they want, and taking it anyway they want it.


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  • Bareback
  • Daddy
  • Latin
  • Monster Cocks
  • Rough Sex/Hardcore
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