Legendary Stud Ethan Wolfe - Scene 8

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Released August 2018
Run time 12m
Directed by Dice
Produced by Paul Morris
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List price: $850
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Hard to believe that ETHAN only appeared in 1-on-1 scenes before. He told Dice he always wanted to fuck a hot bottom with a couple guys and use their cum as lube.

RYAN POWERS is no stranger to getting fucked and fucking with a group of tops. Dice lined up Ethan, PARKER LOGAN, and DEREK NORTH to stretch open America’s sweetheart boy hole.

The guys take turns making sure both of Ryan’s holes are filled at all times. You know in the end, three big loads of sloppy sperm end up in his butt.

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  • Group/Orgy
  • Hung
  • Rough Sex/Hardcore
  • Smooth/Shaved Body
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Four incredibly sexy men fucking. Hairy beasts Parker Logan and Ryan Powers, sexy Derek North and wedge dicked Ethan Wolfe. The idea of HIV is not appealing but the feeling of fat wet dicks and hairy torsos is great to fantasize over.
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