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Run time 11m
Directed by Max Sohl
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl
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My first contact with DREW SEBASTIAN was a phone conversation. Someone had sent me his number, saying "I think DREW might be a Treasure Island man."

All it took was for me to hear his voice and I knew he was a perfect fit. It's a voice straight from a man's ballsac, from right smack between his legs, from a man who's learned through a lifetime of experience what mansex is all about. That cock and male sex are about worship, right at the root of life.

JACK HAMMER has a day job working for some mega-rich SF dot-com-ers. It's a real stressful job and he needed --really needed --to get royally fucked. So we put him and DREW together and let nature take its course.

Days later, JACK sent me an email that said, "Someday I'll die. And what I hope is that in my last moments, with my last breath, I'll think back on the best things in my life. And I'm sure I'll smile when I remember this, probably the best fuck of my life. Definitely the best sex of my life so far. Thank you."

DREW SEBASTIAN: a man's man...He's what we're all about at TIM.

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