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Released November 2018
Run time 15m
Directed by Adan Medina
Produced by Max Sohl
Save: $3.00 (30%)
List price: $1000
Rewards earned: 1 point


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DANTE is a cocky son-of-a-bitch. He knows he’s got a big missile of a dick and he loves to make guys worship it and beg him to fuck them.

The top man-boy is rock hard and busting out of his boxers while getting acquainted with STIVE, who admires the dick and quickly gets it in his mouth. He hungrily slurps on DANTE’s dick, opening up his throat to accommodate the full length. DANTE won’t even think of fucking him until he has thoroughly gagged on his cock.

STIVE soon assumes the position on all fours, presenting his pussy and pleading for DANTE to put his dick in him. DANTE briskly works his entire cock into the ass making him grunt out with pain and pleasure. 

Slutty and insatiable, STIVE can’t get enough and continues to beg DANTE to break his ass and fuck him good. The guy won’t shut the fuck up. DANTE is happy to oblige -- but at the end of the day -- it’s all about him and taking the ass to plant his sperm.

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