How the British Fuck - Scene 7

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Released January 2020
Run time 20m
Directed by Liam Cole
Produced by Paul Morris,Max Sohl
Rewards earned: 1 point


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Scene 7 from How The British Fuck

The WHAT I CAN’T SEE series resonates in such a way that we are always getting bottoms asking if they can be blindfolded and not told who is coming to fuck them.

ELDER ANTONIO asked Liam if he could make this fantasy a reality and Liam was happy to oblige. Elder is taken to a basement dungeon, blindfolded, and put on all 4s on a mattress. DOLF DIETRICH, SAM PORTER, and DREW SEBASTIAN are the unknown top men who show up to use the helpless bottom.

The 3 men take turns using Elder – first on the floor and then toss him like a ragdoll onto a fuck table where they keep both his holes filled until they all breed him.

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Drew Sebastian is one of the very few pornstars that I am allowed to have breed my hole at any time without getting in trouble with my husband. Drew Sebastian is physically EVERYTHING that I have ever desired. This man could breed me for weeks, and I wouldn't complain. I will literally watch him fuck anything or anyone, and he (and my husband) are the only people that I will never say no to any sexual experience with... literally ANYTHING GOES. Call me, Drew... Better yet, just show up and fuck the living shit out of me. If there is a God in Heaven, then I will be bred by you at least a half dozen times over a sweat soaked weekend.
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