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Released November 2021
Run time 1h 50m
Directed by Liam Cole, Kyle Ferris & Scum, Kenny Host, Vincent Valentine, Pony Hunter, Max Sohl, and Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl
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Pulling out its fifth veiny volume, TIMJACK presents HANDS SOLO (TIMJACK VOLUME 5). This collection of slicked-up scenes of celebrated strokers is bound to have your knuckles wrapped around your cock and jerking for joy!

Filmed all over the world by Liam Cole, Kyle Ferris & Scum, Kenny Host, Pony Hunter, Criss Mathías, Paul Morris, Max Sohl, and Vincent Valentine in Colombia, London, New York, Portland, and San Francisco.

HANDS SOLO (TIMJACK VOLUME 5) throbs with some of the freshest meat to squirt across our screens and leaves us covered in cum including ABRAHAM, ATTICUS, WOLFIE BLUE, JOHNNY CASTRO, TEDDY FOREST, DAVID JONES, MOOSE, JACOB SANTACRUZ, JONAH WHEELER, and ELEMENT ZY.

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  • BBC
  • Blue Collar/Rough Trade
  • Cumdump
  • Daddy
  • Edging
  • Hung
  • Jocks
  • Solo/JO
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