GAPE - S08

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Run time 10m
Directed by Damon Dogg & Dice
Produced by Max Sohl,Paul Morris

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Scene 8 from GAPE

MASON LEAR is a multi-shooter who likes to use his own cum for lube. We’ve been enjoying JULIAN D’MARCO in other TIM appearances as a power top with a big dick.

No sooner does Mason get his cock in Julian’s hole than he is cumming. Completely on purpose.

Mason then uses his own sperm all around his hard cock to continue fucking Julian’s ass until he fucks a second load out.

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I was fantasizing about this video on my way home from work. D'Marco has such a beautiful ass, firm and round. I can feel the hot cum splashing on my hole as Lear starts to open Julians hole with that rack hard cock. I love every second of this and could watch and listen to these two fuck for hours.<3 <3 <3
I did NOT expect D'Marco to be bottoming and have avoided this video for that reason. July11/22 I have watched it and it is HOT!!!! Not only does D'Marco bottom, he is really into it and the top is amazing!!!! Mason uses Julians ass SO nicely I had to watch this a second time. It made me HAPPY. **********
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