Fuck Off Homo

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Released November 2015
Run time 2h 07m
Directed by Max Sohl
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FUCK OFF HOMO is Max Sohl’s newest collection of breedings and seedings featuring a movie-within-the-movie sexperiment gone wild balls-to-the-walls anything goes raw and real 10-man orgy free for all.

AUSTIN CHANDLER, RAY DALTON and JASON STORMME take turns fucking each other in a bar. MICHAEL PHOENIX uses power bottom OWEN POWERS in a hypnotic sexy suck and breed. Hot Brit ADAM TREMADOC is coaxed out of retirement to do his first bareback fuck scene with KYLE FERRIS. GAVIN GREENE’s huge cock rams LUCAS KNIGHT in one of Lucas’ final video appearances. SAM BRIDLE and EDDIE tag team and spit roast MICA MEDINA’s eager holes.

As if that all weren’t enough porn for one movie, this is where FUCK OFF HOMO is just getting started. Imagine being a fly on the wall when BAMM BAMM, TOMMY DELUCA, LUKE HARDING, KYLE FERRIS, ADAM ISAACS, MARCUS ISAACS, CHAMP ROBINSON, ADAM RUSSO, JON SHIELD and DRAVEN TORRES are allowed to roam free at a sex party orgy and told to they can do whatever they want. You know if you put those 10 guys in a room a lot of holes are going to be fucked and a lot of cum is going to squirt. We were counting on it.


FUCK OFF HOMO is a bunch of homos fucking to get off. The chemistry and camaraderie is real. The need to breed is primal and visceral. Some of my all time favorite men are in this video proudly showing off their dicks and offering up their holes and doing what they do best: sharing and taking cum.

--- Max Sohl

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Thx Max Sohl for the hottest 10 man orgy I've ever seen from TIM, and I've seen probably all of them. Sexiest guys all into each other, literally, and my 2 fave cum scenes were, Draven Torres (who worked for it), and the build up into Adam Issacs's cum scene was spermtacular!!! I've cum back to this orgy scene many times to see Adam cum again. Can we pulleze see more of that hot man?
Hottest orgy scene!!! Every stud XXX. Fave orgasm Adam Issac's humongous load!!
10 man orgy, the hottest sex pigs assembled, ever! I keep cumming back to this nice and long scene. Best cum shot is Marcus Issac's...his arc is the best of the bunch. Thxxxxxx!!
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