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Run time 09m
Directed by Paul Morris
Price in points: 15 points
Rewards earned: 1 point


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The DOGG brings CHRIS, a guy he met at one of the San Diego bath houses, back to the hotel. CHRIS is more than a little nervous: he's never imagined himself being sucked off in front of a camera before.

DAMON and CHRIS 69 each other for a while and then the DOGG straddles CHRIS's face and lets him nurse on his spit-slick dick. CHRIS jerks off while he sucks on the DOGG's cock, and he ends up shooting his load all over his own lean stomach. The DOGG hungrily eats up the warm tasty mess, licking CHRIS's belly and dick clean.

Then DAMON shoves his cock into CHRIS's mouth and shoots a thick load of sperm, filling CHRIS's mouth full (and this is CHRIS's first time letting a guy come in his mouth - ever!). DAMON leans over and the two men kiss, passing DAMON's thick load back and forth until they both swallow the dose of man-juice down.

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  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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