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Run time 12m
Directed by Paul Morris
Price in points: 15 points
Rewards earned: 1 point


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DAMON DOGG, our tattoo'd oral service station, RETURNS in the third epic of his all-oral cum-swallowing DAMON BLOWS AMERICA series.

After the first two volumes, you guys asked to see even more of DAMON blowing lots of spurting cock, so in this volume he journeys way down south to sunny San Diego to slurp with as many guys as possible.

The DOGG and his friends need their protein bad ...

Once in San Diego, DAMON DOGG wastes no time luring CHAD, a married ex-military guy, to a hotel room. The DOGG is totally turned-on by this guy, and falls to his knees to suck the muscular blond's rock-hard cock. He gives CHAD the complete treatment, including rimming him and sticking his tongue as far up CHAD's ass as he can.

DAMON gives this guy a stellar blow-job, but at the last second CHAD pushes the DOGG's face away and shoots an insane geyser of cum up into the air. The DOGG tries to slurp at the semen, but CHAD holds him away until he's totally shot his load. Finally, he lets go and the DOGG hungrily laps up every drop of the cum.

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  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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