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Run time 09m
Directed by Paul Morris
Price in points: 15 points
Rewards earned: 1 point


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This is hot and happy cocksucking sperm-slurping fun. If you haven't checked out DAMON DOGG yet, and if you like watching guys slurp up hot man-loads, I really think you owe it to yourself to give DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 2: San Francisco, California a look-see. One hour long, it's solid oral porn action.

- Paul Morris

In the first segment, DAMON and I were supposed to be shooting a solo scene with the now-legendary topman JESSE O'TOOLE (seen in PLOWED!). A lot of guys had written in asking for a solo scene so they could worship that gigantic oversized choda that JESSE sports between his legs.

But once DAMON got a look at JESSE's ridiculously oversized cock in person he just had to take a taste. And once he got started there was no stopping him: DAMON just kept sucking and licking and playing with that big thing until JESSE shot a thick white load all over his belly.

And DAMON happily and hungrily laps it all up, swallowing down every salty drop. He tells me it tasted as sweet as cotton candy! (I'm not kidding.)

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  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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