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Run time 10m
Directed by Paul Morris
Price in points: 15 points
Rewards earned: 1 point


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The next scene is definitely one of a kind. I've never seen anything quite like it. DAMON gets his lean sexy belly tattoo'd with the Treasure Island logo while another of his sex-buddies (a hairy-chested piglet who goes by the name of DHAMI BOO) feeds his thick cock to DAMON. And DAMON, getting inked all the while, nurses away like a happy baby hoping for some man-milk.

NATHANIEL was supposed to just film this event, but he jumps up on the table and feeds his cock to DHAMI BOO, so there's a little chain of hungry cocksuckers. The only sounds you hear are the buzz of the tattoo gun and the heavy slurping of men sucking dick.

The tattoo session goes on until DHAMIBOO shoots a nice heavy load all over DAMON DOGG's face. While DAMON happily slurps his buddy's cum off his own face, NATHANIEL shoots a big healthy load of hot juice right into DHAMIBOO's mouth. Some of NATHANIEL's load drips down onto the DOGG's face, so lucky-dog DAMON gets to sample both loads.

At the end of the scene, the tattoo artist wipes off DAMON DOGG's belly to show off the brand-new Treasure Island Media pirate tattoo. This is a hot and really unusual scene!

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