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Released May 2023
Run time 17m
Directed by Elliott Wilder
Produced by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 1 point


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Scene 5 from CUM CANNONS

JEREMIAH JONES, APOLLO FATES, & JACK HUNTER is another twisted CUM CANNONS 3-way with everyone fucking everyone and all three guys hoping to get bred. Padlocked Apollo makes a meal of Jack’s big dick and lucky boy when Jack goes for his fuckhole – eats it out and shoves his cock inside. Also padlocked –Jeremiah Jones eggs Jack on as Apollo’s face is buried in his chest as he opens up for the huge cock.

Apollo spins around and Jeremiah starts to fuck the warmed-up hole as the bottom sucks on Jack’s meat and tastes his own ass on the shaft. Jack moves over to Jeremiah’s mouth so Jeremiah can suck while Apollo fucks himself on his buddy's dick. With Apollo pinned down on the bed and Jeremiah’s cock in his hole, Jack sticks his cock into Jeremiah’s ass. Then in a surprise move, Jeremiah mounts Jack’s ass and pounds away until he cums in Jack’s butt!

Jeremiah then gets back on all fours so Jack can fuck him some more. In one of our favorite moments in the scene, Apollo gets on top of Jeremiah so BOTH holes are exposed to Jack’s cock. Jack takes advantage and goes back and forth between the holes getting closer and closer until he cums and does his best to spread his seed into both assholes.

“I’m in boy heaven.”

Jack leaves, but Apollo and Jeremiah are not done – they continue to fuck each other until both guys get a load!

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