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Released May 2023
Run time 17m
Directed by Elliott Wilder
Produced by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 1 point


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Scene 4 from CUM CANNONS

Between JOHNNY CASTRO'S “Daddy’s Boys” tattoo and BEAUX MORGAN'S “Breed Me” tattoo, JOEL SOMEONE turns on his “Sir” persona and trains the young pups on how to take cock. It is fun to watch as Joel treats each of his boys individually and together. One services while the other patiently watches and waits his turn on the dick. The guys take turns and even service the meat at the same time.

Joel gets Johnny and Beaux to get on all fours with their asses in the air to present their holes for inspection. Joel fucks Beaux first and has the bottom lick Johnny’s hole before putting his cock in Johnny’s ass and trying it out.

Noticing that Beaux’s cock is rock hard, Joel has Johnny sit on the other bottom’s dick and then shoves his cock in and double fucks the pussy. Joel moves his cock to Beaux’s ass and that quickly makes him cum inside Johnny. Joel makes sure every drop of Beaux’s cum is spent before Joel dumps his load inside Beaux leaving both bottoms with holes dripping cum!

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