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Released January 2024
Run time 1h 58m
Produced by Paul Morris
Rewards earned: 2 points


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These horny breeders from Colombia bury their loads deep.  NO PULLING OUT!!!  

CULO the new movie from Criss Mathías and filmed in Colombia – when not about breeding - is all about versatile men.  We bet you have heard the ole’ joke if a guy says he is versatile, that means he is a bottom!  Not in CULO!

ARTHURO MONTOYA & LUIS PANTOJA pull off the ultimate flip-flopping scene, going from fucking to getting fucked every few minutes with rock hard cocks and completely open man-holes!  AGUSTIN LARA tops MAICOL DURAN in one scene and bottoms for ZION DIAZ in another. 

Power bottom DAMIAN RUIZ gets fucked by TRAVI SCOTT in his first appearance and still loaded with cum, takes on big dicked top MIKE STEPHAN in a second scene.

Other scenes include two of our favorites jock JACOB SANTACRUZ breeding PAULO CONTRERAS; NACHO BERIGER plowing CODE; and new cummer DADDY J using both of DARIO BERMUDEZ’s orifices for his pleasure.

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