Cheap Thrills 10 - Scene 3

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Released April 2019
Run time 16m
Produced by Max Sohl,Paul Morris
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After fucking Dublin, JACK ALLEN and DREW SEBASTIAN had such a good time together, they asked if they could do a scene with just the two of them.

OK, But – what happens when two power tops hunker down? The encounter starts off with no one quite sure who is going to show off his versatile side.

We’ve already seen Drew Sebastian give up his ass, the big surprise here is when Jack Allen lets bad boy Drew fuck him with that fat PA’d cock.

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Drew's plowed me good when he was still escorting in Seattle (come back man, this hungry daddy hole misses your skilled mammoth tool...). The great thing about Drew is he's NOT just a rugged big dude with a big dick. He can fuck mad and mean, sure. But he's real sweet about using his Scrotie sense to tell when to use his considerable skill at knowing what buttons to push, and how hard to push em. Like I said, Mr. Sebastian is not just a big lummox with a horse cock.
That said, when he's doing work for TIM, he knows we wanna see his rough side... just a little bitmean, with a wink and a grin (and that bad boy grin could stop a train ). This scene doesn't disappoint. Drew does what he does best, and fucks some of the sweetest sounds out of his bottom. Seeing him on his back, saying yeah, I gotta great ass too, and it's needing some plowin is just fantastic. I caught hjim going all piggie for Rocco Steele's fantasy cock recently as well. Porn gold, totally. Thanks Drew. You know how to push my buttons, still... even hundreds of miles away.
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