BREEDING SEASON 3 - Scene 4 - Conquest Part 1

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Run time 19m
Directed by Paul Morris
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DREW SEBASTIAN and DJ are the kind of all-American dudes who are destined to be great friends. But some things have to be settled right at the start: DREW's the kind of universal stud who has to get that legendary cock of his all the way up inside his buddy’s tight ex-marine butt.

DJ, like many ex-Marine's, is just learning his role in life: a bottom who’ll dutifully take any dick up his ass. He hasn’t been fucked by many guys yet, though. And certainly by no one with a schlong like DREW's. So it’s a rough, tough and real intense ordeal getting that fat man-rod to force itself through that tight-as-yessir butthole ring.

But DREW is determined and DJ is duty-bound. By god they get the job done and they get it done but good!





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I find DJs mating with Holden the most satisfying. Not noisy grunting just hard beautiful fucking and then basking in the afterglow. Sweet. Wish it was longer.
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