BONE READY - Scene 4

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Run time 38m
Directed by Kenny Host and Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris

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Next morning NATE was like a little kid on Christmas morning. As the top's arrived NATE taunted them with his beautiful rump. That perfect fuckable ass mesmerized everyone--including NATE! That twitching pulsating man-quim wanted all the cock and cum it could get and we were all just along for the ride.

In between loads, we had MAC (our resident ass-custodian) use his oral skills to soothe NATE’s pucker---and to suck out all the ass-juice enriched sperm he could swallow down. MAC was in fucking heaven.

Just when NATE thought he’d taken all the spooge the roomful of men could give him, I brought out a jar filled to the brim with man-seed that I’d collected. As we poured the mess into his ass-clam, its pooched and puffed-out lips gurgled with obscene slop-guzzling gratitude.

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Amazing creampie gangbang with Nate please more creampie gangbangs
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