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Run time 15m
Directed by Paul Morris

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Pony asked DREW SEBASTIAN who he wanted to fuck and where. DREW saddled up a couple of his buddies, picked up Pony and drove just North of SF to an old bunker. The place is perched on a cliff over the ocean, so it smelled strongly of salt water, piss, and fucking. You've probably fucked around there yourself, if you're an SF local.

Turned out DREW had brought along his sidekick, MAX CAMERON and one of his favorite seed-whores, SEED ADDICT. The dude already had half a dozen loads up his ass and DREW crouched down to lick and suck some warm man seed out of his buddy's hot eager EZ-access hole. His hole all a-twitchin' with cock-hunger, the man-whore squats down and gets a serious lesson from DREW in how to worship a heavy endowment. When he can't wait any longer, he takes a couple deep deep hits from his brown bottle, bends over and spreads his public-property ass as DREW slides in, slow and deep.

MAX wasted no time crawling underneath the fuckers, hungry to taste the man juices that's squirting and leaking and drooling out of the whore's hole. Like a happy pup, slurp slurp slurp, getting a bellyful of jizz from god knows how many dudes. And DREW just keeps up his deep-ramming his spit 'n' jizz slicked-up log balls-deep and sloshing around the whore's guts. When DREW spews his thick alpha-load, the sidekick rubbernecks in, all eager to please, and licks both the fucker and the fuckee clean as a whistle. Then, grinning a sperm-shiny grin, he looks up adoringly at his big buddy DREW. If he had a tail it would've been wagging a mile a minute.

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Jimi Hendrick
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The epiphany of 2 is better than 1.

Main Highlights:

@08:47 Already lumen loaded up with cum, SEED ADDICT in the doggy style standing position gets fucked deep by DREW SEBASTIAN with MAX CAMERON underneath both of them performing TRIFECTA. MAX CAMERON’s endless tongue licking action all over Drew's balls and Seed Addict's ass. This act continues to happen for some mouthwatering, raw, wet sex to watch.

@13:12 Drew can longer hold his load, pulls his cock out of Seed Addict's ass, jerks off his cock shooting a load of jizz all over Seed Addict’s ass and reinserts his cock back in to Seed Addict’s ass. All while MAX performs the TRIFECTA underneath Seed Addict and Drew.
The look on SEED ADDICTS' face. Absolute fear. It is palpable in his facial expression and the quiver of his legs. He has beautiful eyes and hair and a delicious ass. How anyone could eat that shit coming out of his ass is beyond me but in horny passion a lot is possible. In my mind I can smell the must and piss and cum and it all is very hot.
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