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Run time 13m
Directed by Elliott Wilder
Produced by Paul Morris

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Scene 3 from ASSGASM

AXEL BLACK gets a tag team fucking from MAXX FERRO and RYAN POWERS. The only thing better than getting fucked and taking a load is getting fucked and taking TWO loads. Axel and Ryan make out as Maxx tends to Axel’s hole – rimming and fingering it and getting it ready for cock. When Axel turns around to greet Maxx’s dick, Ryan takes the opportunity to slide his meat in and fuck. Axel’s pussy is tight – but it won’t be for long. Axel takes a hit of poppers and moves off Ryan’s dick so Maxx can have his turn. They switch positions again – now with Axel on his back getting his face fucked by Maxx while Ryan uses the hole until he nuts. Maxx Ferro loves fucking a cummy hole and proceeds to slide right in and pound away at the pussy until he cannot hold back and adds his jizz to Axel’s now open hole. Axel cleans off both dicks with his mouth as a good bottom should. Ryan licks the cum off the hole getting a taste of his own load mixed with Maxx’s sperm.

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