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Directed by Paul Morris
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Originally From THE 1,000 LOAD FUCK.

Porn shoots don't always go the way you think they will. And since we never plan or script our sessions, sometimes we get something, well, unique.

TREVOR had written to me, begging to get fucked by one of our tops. And he wanted to be blindfolded while it happened. TIM exclusive big-dicked stud KEER was ready, willing, and happy to satisfy the young man's desire.

TREVOR and KEER play around with a little sucking and rimming as KEER gets the bottom ready. After the fucking had started, when KEER had really hit his stride and was lost in cock-lust, TREVOR called halt, blurting out that he could't go on since he'd always been faithful to his boyfriend (And yes, he was wearing a wedding band).

TREVOR never took off the blindfold. We listened to his tale of fidelity, and then KEER said fuck it and just slid that enormous dick in, steady and to the hilt. TREVOR had to make a choice. We learned later that the boyfriend threw him out when he felt TREVOR's bunghole with KEER's big sticky mess still oozing out.

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