Achilles Brotherhood - Ukrainian LGBT Military Support

Gay Ukrainian soldiers wear a secret symbol into battle to help identify themselves to each other - and now they're sharing their secret with you.

The Achilles Brotherhood is a group of man-loving Ukrainian troops currently fighting on the front line of the ongoing Russian invasion.
To support these brave heroes, Treasure Island Media has launched a range of limited edition gear featuring the Brotherhood's special symbol for you to wear. 

100% of the profits from the sales of these items will be donated to the gay military group, and will be used to purchase medical supplies for the troops.

These brave gay men are not just battling for the freedom of their country. They're also in a fight to the death against a homophobic regime for the right to live freely as men who love men. And on that front, they fight for all of us, and they need your support.

Grab your limited edition TIM Ukraine gear now and support these gay heroes.

For more information about the Achilles Brotherhood and those fighting for LGBTQ rights in Ukraine, visit their page at

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