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Back by popular demand (and when you demand, we deliver! Yes, sir!)

Get it all - get it at once! This holiday-only special gives you the chance to buy a fuck-ton of our porn, all from 2021 for one low price.

Available via Download, on DVD or on our stunning crystal USB flash drive, this deal is LOADED with all of our 2021 releases. That's right, you can have it all; all the fucking, all the gangbangs, all the breeding, all the cocksucking sluts, all the uncut dicks, the gaping hairy holes, the gallons of jizz! 2022 was one of the best years we can remember, and we want you to have all of the incredible fuck flicks from it... 20 massive movies that you NEED in your collection!

Latin Big Guns: LATINLOADS. COM bring you ADAN MEDINA’s latest and greatest LATIN BIG GUNS - eight all new fuck scenes – half 1-on-1’s and half 3-ways of Latin macho dick fucking and breeding hole direct from South America. Medina has quickly become known for his extreme close up fuck shots and a steady stream of HUGE uncut cocked top men. The guns are grande and gushing loads of Latino leche! Each piping hot Papi fucks his progeny deep in the guts of these gaping, whore sluts. Some of our favorite new tops in this movie include MAXIMO PUGA, FERNANDO OSPINA, EVIEL LAREDO, PABLO ACOSTA and KAYSER MAGNUM.Back by popular demand (and when you demand, we deliver! Yes, sir!)

STROKERS: Nine Guys have come together to strip down, show off and jerk off, just for you. STROKERS gives you a diverse cast of the hottest and hung pieces of meat New York City has to offer. STROKERS features some of the biggest names in porn today as well as some cocky newcomers who love to show off their dicks and bust that nut. New from I. Que Grande. Featuring Nico Bellic, Bryan Callahan, Kai Falco, Atlas Grant, Maximo Leroy, Joseph Ox, AJ Sloan, Nate Stetson and introducing Elijah Wilde.

SKEET: Since spurting out the successful release of their directorial debut, SCUM, Kyle Ferris and Scum have been busy slutting it up! Open wide! They’re ready to shoot their second cum covered collaborative, SKEET! Featured are Skeet shooters and NYC loving top men Billy Blanco, Devin Masters, Riley Mitchel, Butta Nutt, Alex Tikas, Jonah Wheeler & Elijah Wilde and hungry holed target bottoms Benny Blazin, Madison Mack, Joseph Ox, Jett Rink, Nate Stetson, Aksel Thorsen, & Tony Travers. SKEET ends with an 8-man orgy that is going to go down in TIM history as one of the hottest group scenes we have ever filmed.

RAWHIDE (TIMFUCK Volume 13): Giddy Up piggies! RAWHIDE is a new collection of gut-breeding scenes directed by NICK MORETTI from TIMFUCK. Featuring many hot and incredible duos like JACE CHAMBERS & RYAN POWERS in a sling, real life husbands FELIPE DURAN & SEAN DURAN in their first public porn fuck, a blindfolded RILEY MITCHEL being used by RAY DIESEL, CLAY TOWERS & BLAKE HOUSTON in what starts as an anon pump & dump and ends up as a super fucking on the open seas - - - an amazing 3-way between JAKE MORGAN, JON GALT & VIC ROCCO - - - and the grand finale: one of Moretti’s signature gangbangs with American Hero SEAN HARDING getting railed by Jace, Sean, DEVIANT OTTER & JAXX THANATOS.

CHUPAME [suck me] - TIMSUCK Volume 8: A collection of the hottest meat sucking, cum swallowing scenes filmed by MECOS in Mexico City that have appeared on TIMSUCK. CHUMPAME [suck me] includes some of our favorite Mexicano fuckers. There are indoor and outdoor scenes and more flip sucking scenarios than ever before!

BIG ASS DICK (B.A.D) – Bruthaload Volume 8: the first DVD collection with fucking also has the kind of big dick men solos you have come to know. All are directed by I. Que Grande. BIG ASS DICK features some of our favorite NYC bruthas, including Anubis, Jamaican Boi, Mr. Cali, Damilkywayz, Anthony Grey, Butta Nutt, Dicky Von James, Bucky Wright and Takken.

FUCK BOY DICK DOWN: Fuck Boys are serving some good ass and in turn, getting some good dick. I. Que Grande seeks out New York’s most eager bottoms and the biggest dicks to fill them in his new TIMFUCK feature, Fuck Boy Dick Down. Hung fuckers SEBASTIAN VELMONT and ELIJAH WILDE make their fucking debut pounding out professional bottoms LUCA D’AMORE and RILEY MITCHEL . Young stud NATE STETSON steps his fuck game up and takes DEVIN MASTERS, thick, uncut dick then fucks his load into ATLAS GRANT who then takes new cummer NICO BELLIC’S huge cock. DEVAN MEJI shows us what he’s got when he takes a hard fucking from BUTTA NUTT. JOSEPH OX begged for MR. CALI’S dick. Cali came through, fucked and loaded Joseph up. 7 deep-dicking scenes, filled with huge cocks and load after mother-fucking load.

STUD (TIMFUCK Volume 14): Every Treasure Island Media top man is a STUD. That hard dicked rough and tumble meat that will pound the hole until it is dripping in load for the next STUD to use as lube. These are some of our TIMFUCK favorites – STUD includes recent scenes with BRENT EVERETT and FERNANDO OSPINA. Other hand selected STUDs include ESTEBAN, DAN FISK, TY ROBERTS, JACK ALLEN, JERRY STEARNS, ROCCO STEELE and a special dungeon bonus beer fuck piss scene with THEE one and only STUD himself BRAD McGUIRE. The bitches they fuck in STUD are pretty impressive too. The all-star bottoms are BRAXTON BOYD, BLAZE AUSTIN, ARI, FUCKTARD, BLAKE DANIELS, CORY KOONS, BEN STATHAM, GARY GOSLING and BUZZ ISAAC.

TAKE MY CUM: A collection of TEN all new 1-on-1 fuck scenes from Vincent Valentine, Dice, and Kyle Ferris & Scum, filmed all over the United States. Big dicks of horny men sliding in and out of eager man-holes that are begging for cum. Lots of throat grabbing fucking. Selfish tops. Hungry bottoms. TAKE MY CUM. The 10 tops include Dirty Allen, BiAddiction, Chance, Gio De Luca, Ray Diesel, Ashton Ducati, Jarret Moon, Dante Rosa, Alex Stride and Venice. The 10 cum hungry bottoms are Axel Black, Kurt Camebridge, Allen Cox, Fallon Exe, Mel Grey, Alex Hawk, Khris Koors, Luke North, Henry Taylor and Tony Travers.

MEN IN HEAT: A collection of hot hook-ups from Criss Mathías in Colombia, presented by Latinloads.com. 7 new original fuck scenes featuring an all machismo cast and curated by Paul Morris. These young men are already accomplished horndawgs, who give and take loads with the best of them. The young men include JOSE ANGEL, CHRISTIAN BOY, GAMBITO, LEONARDO GARCIA, FONSECA INK, JULIUS, ALEX LUNA, MIKE MAFIA, GUSTAVO MARCO, KEVIN QUINTERO, INOCENCIO RUIZ, TRAVI SCOTT, BEN TORRES, FELIPE VASQUEZ.

Legendary Hole: Best of IAN JAY, a smooth and boyish 20-year-old, isn't my usual kind of obsession. I'm usually drawn to the no-limits total sex-extremist. Now, I'm not saying that IAN is an innocent little angel. He's been rawfucked before, sure. And he's been in a few videos--some mild and mainstream, some not so mild. So for a guy as young as he is, he's definitely sexually precocious. He wrote and told me he was ready to take a big step: he wanted to be irrevocably bred. I knew what he meant, and I took him at his word. So I flew him to San Francisco and put him through a deep-boning weekend that would do the job. Before he came to me, he'd been dabbling in raw sex but he was still naive. By the time the weekend was over, his hole was fuckin' insatiable, ready and willing and available to any man.

MANHANDLED: Sometimes, you want to get fucked. And sometimes, you feel like a dirty slut who wants to get fucking MANHANDLED by a hung, aggressive, selfish top who uses your ass as a fuck-hole, loads you up and then kick you to the curb. Sound right? If so, then you are going to love I. Que Grande’s new movie, MANHANDLED. MANHANDLED features the always willing and always ready DREW DIXON taking big dick from new comer THE NUDE BOTANIST, DADDY CREAM and ALEX TIKAS who also gives him an ass-pleasing fist session. DOLF DEITRICH shows us his dominant daddy side making LIAM ARCHER beg for big toys, big dick and more. JOSEPH OX gets all geared up and gets piggy with JULIAN TORRES. Bottom extraordinaire LEVY FOXX makes his Treasure Island debut getting double-fucked by JOEL SOMEONE AND JAKE MORGAN.

TOY CHEST: (Play With Yourself & Others) is a collection of seven solos and one 1-on-1 of men jacking off and having sex with different kinds of adult toys.Fleshlights, buttplugs, dildos, monster dildos, a rubber fist, chastity devices, exploding cocks and even vegetables and a banana!Filmed all over the United States by Dice, Kenny Host, Pony Hunter, Kyle Ferris & Scum. Featuring Blaze Austin, Damian Arca, Sam Bridle, Drew Dixon, Cody Hawks, Klaus, Roman Maverick, Dante Rosa & Julian Torres

BORN TO BLOW: 10 All new suck scenes from around the world: New York, Portland, Colombia, and Argentina filmed by Kyle Ferris & Scum, I. Que Grande, Adan Medina, Vincent Valentine and Pablo X in BORN TO BLOW, our international suck fest. You live to have a rock-hard cock in your mouth so you can lick and tease it with your tongue and suck it hard down your throat. You know your job is to work that meat and make it squirt. You are a true cocksucker. You are BORN TO BLOW.Featured cocksuckers: BLAZE AUSTIN, BENNY BLAZIN, JOEY BONES, BRYAN CALLAHAN, DANI, GUNNAR GATES, FEDERICO MONAGA, AYLER PARK, JULIAN TORRES, BLEW VELVET and SANTIAGO WET. And the men getting serviced: SAM BRIDLE, HOLDEN COCK, GIO DE LUCA, ELIO KNIGHT, MILO, RILEY MITCHEL, JAKE MORGAN, THE NUDE BOTANIST, BUTTA NUTT, MAXIMO PUGA, CHAMP ROBINSON, AJ SLOAN, and JONAH WHEELER

BRUTHANUT (Bruthaload Volume 9): a new collection of scenes bound to have your booty bouncing and cock jumping as you see some of the hottest dick downs caught on camera. These big-cocked ass breakers came to fuck, nut & repeat! And you won’t hear any complaints from the cum hungry cock whores giving up their holes to the slaughter either. In addition to 8 full fuck scenes, there are 2 Bruthasolos with THE NUDE BOTANIST and SHAY FRENZY and a bonus suck scene.The men include AUGUST ALEXANDER, TIMARRIE BAKER, BENNY BLAZIN, MR. CALI, CASANOVA, DAMILKYWAYZ, DEEP DICC, ANTHONY GREY, BROOKLYN LYCAN, BUTTA NUTT, PABLOSTROKESS, CHAMP ROBINSON, SEXYASSBAM, SEBASTIAN VELMONT and BUDDY WILD.

FILTHY FUCKERS OF MEXICO: Seven all new scenes from our cohorts MECOS with FILTHY FUCKERS OF MEXICO produced by Paul Morris and featuring all raw fucking & breeding. The new MECOS movie has several 1-on-1 bareback encounters and 2 intense 3-ways with 2 tops sharing a bottom’s holes.Starring ALEXANDER, CAIN, COLINA, DARIEL, DOSPUNTOMARCO, LEO GALILEO, MAURICIO, DELMAR PONCE, CHACALITO REGIO, SALVATRUCHO, TURKOMEX, MEXICAN WOLF and featuring everyone’s favorite little person slut ADRIANZUKI.

COCKPIT: This one proves pigs can fly! Following on the success of RAWHIDE and the original FUCKIT LIST, Captain Nick Moretti and his crew are packing - - - and they don’t fit in the overhead compartment. Treasure Island Media is proud to present DICKet holders with COCKPIT (TIMFUCK VOLUME 15), and yes, there will be turbulence!This latest edition from TIMFuck features some of director Nick Moretti’s finest fucks! A collection of horny hunks filling hungry holes over and over leaving these hogs filled with cock and leaking cum, including one of Nick’s infamous gangbang scenes when JACK ANDY takes on all breeders. Featuring ZACK AKLAND, AUGUST ALEXANDER, JAY ALEXANDER, CAM CHRISTOU, RAY DIESEL, DOLF DIETRICH, SEAN DURAN, HUNTER FOX, JOE GILLIS, LEO GRIN, BLAKE HOUSTON, TYLER ROBERTS, ROMANCE, VIC ROCCO, CHANDLER SCOTT and JACOB WOODS.

HANDS SOLO (TIMJACK VOLUME 5): throbs with some of the freshest meat to squirt across our screens and leaves us covered in cum including Abraham, Atticus, Wolfie Blue, Johnny Castro, Teddy Forest, David Jones, Moose, Jacob Santacruz, Jonah Wheeler, and Element Zy. FILTHY FUCKERS OF MEXICO: Seven all new scenes from our cohorts MECOS with FILTHY FUCKERS OF MEXICO produced by Paul Morris and featuring all raw fucking & breeding. The new MECOS movie has several 1-on-1 bareback encounters and 2 intense 3-ways with 2 tops sharing a bottom’s holes.Starring ALEXANDER, CAIN, COLINA, DARIEL, DOSPUNTOMARCO, LEO GALILEO, MAURICIO, DELMAR PONCE, CHACALITO REGIO, SALVATRUCHO, TURKOMEX, MEXICAN WOLF and featuring everyone’s favorite little person slut ADRIANZUKI.

Cock Sucking Thirst Quenchers (TIMSUCK Volume 9):  A collection of Max Sohl’s finest all oral TIMSUCK scenes filmed in NYC. These cocksuckers live to worship and service dick and will do anything for a sweet reward of fresh man cum.Some of the pig mouths include Jay Banks, Rocky DiMarco, Kyle Ferris, Rogan Hardy, Mica Medina, Adam Russo, Brock Rustin, Owen Powers 10-man swallow bukkake and more. Some of the tops – just to name a few - getting their knobs polished are Billy Blanco, Cory Brandon, Erik Grant, Krave Moore, Jax Pratt, Rocco Steele and Ale Tedesco.

BRAZIL UNDERGROUND: PAUL MORRIS and LUIS LUMEM corral the men of Brazil, bringing them together to plow and breed. These boys from Brazil are hot. Several make star turns. You will fall in love with top man ADONNIS. Power bottom PETRICK GARCIA features in three different scenes getting used all over. JOTTAE SOUZA takes on 12 men at once in one of the craziest gangbangs ever. WOOFPIGBOY – who proudly wears the Treasure Island Media logo on his chest – is actually to blame – his love of all things Treasure Island and his desire to work with us, led to the introduction between Paul Morris and Luis Lumem to begin with.Some of the other big dicked top men you will be happy to know in BRAZIL UNDERGROUND include ALVARO AUGUSTO, DEEL BLACK, MAVERSON CARIOCA, VITOR GUEDES, KEMPES, DAVI LOBO, THE BIG LUCAS and GABRIEL SANTANNA.

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